Best Zipline In Puerto Rico

ToroVerde offers in best zipline in Puerto Rico right in the heart of the island. Don’t forget to add a daytrip to this park on your itinerary. Travel & Leisure Magazine has named ToroVerde one of the coolest new attractions in the world, and you shouldn’t miss it. It’s ideal for corporate trips and family holidays.  

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is typically visited for beaches and opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. It is truly a paradise for the adventurous, so it makes sense to enjoy plenty of activities that go beyond merely lounging on the beach and enjoying parties. For the adventurous and the curious, there are options to try the best zipline in Puerto Rico, as well as other exciting activities like climbing, rappelling, and crossing breathtaking bridges.
Experience an Adrenaline Rush
Ziplining is one of the most enjoyed activities in Puerto Rico. There are various places offering this activity, but if you want to experience it in a safe and guaranteed way, consider booking ziplining in an authorized ecological adventure park like ToroVerde.
There are two ways to experience ziplining in Puerto Rico. One is via the traditional way of hanging on to the cable as you zip down through it, and the other is by positioning yourself as if you are flying across two points. The latter is recommended for true adrenaline junkies who want to feel the rush of flying like a bird on a long single run zip-line.
Visit ToroVerde to try the best zipline in Puerto Rico and check out our tour packages to combine it with a tour like La Bestia, a zipline experience that can make you fly.  We urge you to try crossing five suspension bridges and a cable bridge in our Toro Salvaje rappel tour, or try Sal si Puedes to experience an exhilarating combination of flying and rappelling.