Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks. Comparison & Buying Guide

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the best shed hunting backpack if you are looking for one but are too busy to look at all of the findings of our research team because you have a lot on your plate. According to user reviews, reports, and feedback from experts and users, as well as sales figures, the Horn Hunter G2 Day is the best option you should seriously consider. With 1,600 cubic inches of storage space, this model will easily accommodate all of the gear you’ll need to bring along on your hunting trips. Gear grippers are included, which make it simple to attach your bow, for example, so that you can keep your hands free at all times while you hunt. With ten pockets for easy organization of all your valuables, this model is suitable for a wide range of uses and is extremely convenient. In the event that this model is no longer available, we recommend the Horn Hunter G3 Tree Stand, which is nearly as good as this one.

Comparison table

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

1. Horn Hunter G2 Daypack Realtree2. Horn Hunter G3 Tree Stand Pack3. Horn Hunter Slingshot Hunting Pack

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

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3 Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Reviews) in 2021

With so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. For this reason, we looked at all of the shed hunting backpack reviews and selected the models that received the highest ratings in terms of overall popularity. You can find them at the bottom of this page.

1. Horn Hunter G2 Daypack Realtree

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

The Horn Hunter G2 Day has everything you need, or at the very least, it comes close to meeting your needs. This backpack stands out from the crowd of backpacks for sale that are now available on the market because of its durability and usability. Even though the backpack appears to be small, it has a total of ten pockets, which means that keeping everything organized will not be a problem.

Outdoor enthusiasts require a hunting backpack that is both durable and spacious enough to accommodate everything they intend to bring along with them. This one has a capacity of 1,600 cubic inches, which makes it ideal for day trips. In total, there are ten pockets available, four of which are easy to access without even having to remove the backpack from your back.

It also has a drop-down shelf, and you’ll notice that it comes with a strap that makes it extremely simple to attach it to a tree stand. You’ll appreciate the gear grippers, which make transporting your gear a breeze.


Weight capacity is an important consideration for any hunter looking for a backpack, which is why the 1,600 cubic inch capacity of this model is highly recommended.

Because of the streamlined design, you might not expect there to be more than 10 pockets available, so you might be surprised to learn that there are in fact more than 10.

Hunters appreciate the gear grippers that are included with this model because they allow them to carry their bow while still having their hands free to do other things.

Attaching the backpack to a tree stand is simple, thanks to the included strap, which allows you to do so quickly and without any hassle.

Durable materials, such as ballistic polyester and oxford nylon, are used in its construction to ensure that it performs well over an extended time period.


Even though it is lighter than other models on the market, when it is empty, this backpack weighs 3.1 pounds, which should be taken into consideration.


2. Horn Hunter G3 Tree Stand Pack

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

Would you be interested in a backpack that is simple to attach to a tree stand? This model from Horn Hunter is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This model is designed for bowhunters who plan to go on extended hunting trips, and it includes all of the features you would expect from a top-of-the-line model. For example, you will have 2,100 cubic inches of storage space inside the backpack, as well as 17 pockets on the outside.

Allowing you to carry your bow or rifle while keeping your hands free is possible with the gear grippers. Take note of the fact that the model has a strap that can be used to carry additional clothing. Being comfortable while walking through the woods, laden with all of the necessary hunting equipment, is essential. This is accomplished through the use of molded foam in the back.

Leave your backpack hanging so that you have easy access to all of the pockets within it. There isn’t a more convenient alternative to take into consideration. As a bonus, you will also receive some useful extras, such as a hook hanger, an adjustable strap, and a pull-up rope.


This backpack provides excellent compartmentalization options, with 17 pockets to keep everything in its place and everything in its place.

It has a weight capacity of 2,100 cubic inches, which means that you will be able to use it for multi-day trips because of its large volume.

Attaching your rifle or bow to your backpack is simple thanks to the variety of grippers available that are specifically designed for gear.

Because the molded foam back prevents the canvas from rubbing against your back, you won’t even notice that you’re carrying a heavy backpack around with you.

Made from high-quality materials such as ballistic polyester, micro-fleece, and oxford nylon, this backpack is built to last a lifetime.


It is possible that you will not particularly enjoy this model because it is not compatible with hydration packs or a bladder, but this is a minor point.


3. Horn Hunter Slingshot Hunting Pack

Best Shed Hunting Backpacks (Must Read Reviews)

When it comes to the type of setup they prefer to use, hunters have a wide range of preferences. Some prefer to hunt from concealed locations such as hunting blinds, while others prefer to hunt in the open. Whatever your personal preference, the Horn Hunter Slingshot is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration. With a capacity of 1,250 cubic inches, it is an excellent choice for day trips because it can accommodate all of the necessities for such excursions.

You will appreciate the fact that this backpack is compact and streamlined, and the mono-strap design makes it ideal for carrying your hunting weapon without causing any issues or discomfort. Because it is equipped with 11 compartments, you will discover that it is entirely possible to bring along all of your essential gear.

The interior is made of ballistic polyester, which ensures long-lasting durability, and all stress points are reinforced with oxford nylon for added sturdiness. Because of its camouflage pattern, it will be simple for you to remain invisible to your prey.


The backpack has a total capacity of 1,250 cubic inches, making it an excellent choice for all of your day trips and excursions.

Its overall construction makes it an excellent choice for any hunter because it provides durability as well as comfort, thanks to the fact that the overall weight of the backpack, when empty, is relatively light.

It is a convenient option to consider because it is equipped with tie-downs that allow you to attach additional items such as decoys or other pieces of gear that can be attached in this manner.

You will appreciate the fact that it includes a drop-down pocket that you can use to store all of the accessories that you want to have easy access to at all times.

In particular, it has the advantage of being compatible with hydration systems, which cannot be said about all of the backpacks currently available.


While it is a good choice for day trips, you may find it to be a little on the small side if you are planning multi-day hunting excursions in the area.


Buying guide

For those of you who are looking to purchase a good shed hunting backpack but aren’t sure where to begin, we would like to share with you everything we learned while researching this particular topic. Obviously, there are some features and aspects of such backpacks that are more desirable than others, and we want to share as many of them as we possibly can with you.

The possibility of strapping the backpack to a tree or a stand

You will need to put your backpack somewhere safe when you go hunting, no matter where you are because wild animals may be attracted to the smell of the food you are carrying. No matter where you go hunting, you will need to put your backpack somewhere safe from wild animals. We recommend that you take a close look at the models that are available and see if a strap for tying the backpack to a tree or to an arborist’s tree stand is included.

Even some of the most inexpensive shed hunting backpacks are equipped with this feature. Along with protecting your backpack from threats such as those mentioned above, it will also make it easier for you to access the exterior pockets of your backpack when necessary.

Do you want a day backpack or a multi-day model?

This is a fundamental question to be addressed. You will be able to determine what type of weight capacity you require based on this information. Models with a capacity of 1,000 cubic inches, for example, are most often suitable for day excursions. If you’re planning a multi-day trip, however, something like hunting backpacks for Alaska might be a better option because they typically have a larger carrying capacity.

Advantages for hunters

There is a reason why there is an entire industry dedicated to meeting the needs of hunters, from specially designed clothing and hunting shoes to backpacks that are equipped with extras that are specifically designed for them.

Some gear grippers are a great addition to any backpack’s accessory collection. However, while you might be tempted to believe that only bow hunters would benefit from such a feature, if you don’t want to carry your rifle around with you all the time, using the grippers on your backpack will provide you with the most convenient method of transporting your weapon around.

Consider purchasing a model that has multiple compartments and pockets as an added bonus. It is critical to be able to reach all of the necessary accessories, such as bullets, calls, and other hunting-related items while out in the woods without too much difficulty when you are hunting. This is why you’ll notice that the critically acclaimed models always have an impressive number of pockets on the inside of their jackets.

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